Scholarships 101

Scholarships are free money awards, intended for college expenses, given by different organizations and business to students who apply, meet certain criteria and are chosen to receive the award. 

Juniors and seniors in high school AND current college students (in every grade level) should be searching for scholarships on a consistent basis throughout each year. 

There are TONS of scholarships out there and unfortunately this is where families miss the boat. By not applying for them they are essentially throwing away FREE money! 

They think once they filed the FAFSA and CSS profile (if required), they are all set, or maybe they know about scholarships but just don't take the time to actually apply for them. This is a HUGE mistake!

One big scholarship myth is that most of them are based on merit or financial need. This is not true, while a number of them are, there are so many other ones that are awarded based on many different factors such as academic program, abilities, disabilities, state of residence, activities/clubs involved in and SO MUCH MORE!

In fact scholarship money goes unused every year because not enough students are applying for them! 

The most challenging part of the scholarship process is actually FINDING them and consistently applying for them. It's easy to spin your wheels and find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed within your first hour of searching. 

That is exactly why I developed the Scholarships 101 Digital Course. In this 45 minute webinar you will learn:

  • How to effectively search for and find those elusive scholarships
  • How to set up a system to help you stay organized 
  • How to consistently search for scholarships without overwhelming yourself
  • The ins and outs and tips and tricks of scholarship searching

You will leave the webinar feeling much more confident about the scholarship search process and be able to focus your efforts in a more productive way that will yield results! 

This webinar is jam packed with value that will help you get more FREE money for college! 


Scholarships 101 Digital Course

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